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Manicure and Pedicure

Victoria’s has a range of manicure options to keep your hands and nails beautiful and healthy. We offer Shellac gel nails, Vinylux polish and IBX nail strengthening.
Manicure and Pedicure


  • Keep your hands and nails healthy and looked-after.
  • Pamper yourself and enjoy the treatments
  • Shellac, Vinylux and IBX treatments
  • Relaxing pedicure treatments for tired feet

About Manicure and Pedicure

Just like our faces, our hands are visible at all times, and serve as a reflection of our personality, and often, our age. While they might be easy to overlook, our hands and nails need the same care and attention that we give to our face. Victoria’s has a range of manicure options to keep your hands and nails beautiful and healthy.  We also offer pedicures to restore, nourish and soothe your feet.


For the Express options in both the Manicure and Pedicure, we now use Vinylux polish, created by CND, the same creators of Shellac.
Vinylux polishes give a gel-like shine, and apply as a varnish would, requiring 2 colour coats, followed then by a top coat.

Without needing the aid of nail lamps to set the product, your nails will be completely dry in less than 10 minutes. Your Vinylux application will generally last 1 week, compared to nail varnish which normally chips after a couple of days.

With all of our nail treatments we only use metal items which can be sterilized with our medical grade Autoclave. All other items used are one-use disposable, to ensure your treatments are of the highest hygiene standard. 

Extra Tips for Healthy Hands and Nails

Like our face, our hands are visible at all times. Our hands and nails are a reflection of our personality and of course our age. In other words they need the same care and attention that we give our face.

Some tips to keep hands looking great before and after your treatment:

  • Apply sunscreen to back of hands every day
  • Apply a quality hand cream regularly – especially during colder months
  • Pushing cuticles back gently will tidy their appearance but never cut them – the nail bed needs their protection
  • Wear protective gloves whenever necessary – gardening and chemicals can be very damaging and drying on the hands and nails
  • Use a file if your nails develop rough edges or splits but not a metal one – they create heat which dries out the natural moisture and weakens the structure
  • Avoid using nail polish remover too often as it dries out the nails

It’s also important to eat healthy and drink plenty of water – the health and strength of your nails depends on protein, iron, Vitamin B, iodine, calcium and potassium.  Also have a manicure regularly – once a month is optimum – you deserve it and your hands will love it!


Indulge your senses with a 90 minute Victoria’s Essential Pedicure Experience, while your therapist soothes your tired feet with our beautiful Victoria’s Essentials natural products.

 This pedicure begins with a Callus Foot Peel treatment moving on to Vegetable based scrub gels with matching lotions. These include clay foot masks, vegetable based scrub gels, pedi bomb soaks and matching lotions to complete a treatment.

Using Australian Mineral rich Green and White Clays, all natural ingredients enriched with active plant extracts and all 100% chemical-free leaving the skin detoxified, burden-free and refreshed.

You have a few enticing natural options to choose from for your Pedicure:

  • Chai Spice
  • Ginger and Lemongrass
  • Sea Minerals and Mint
  • Basil Orange

Why Choose Victoria’s?

Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic was originally started in 2002 by Anne Talbot, a registered nurse, and Dr Julie Osberg, a GP and cosmetic physician, so you can be sure you are getting a qualified opinion based on years of experience and expertise.

While Victoria’s original focus was cosmetic treatments to enhance our client’s appearances, we branched out to provide beauty treatments so that everything is available under one roof. If you want to have a cosmetic treatment followed by a manicure or pedicure to completely enhance your entire appearance, you can have it all done at Victoria’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hands and Nails

Shellac Nails – 45 Mins                                       $55.00

Express Manicure OR Pedicure – 30 Mins     $45.00

IBX Initial application (nail strengthening)   $20.00

IBX Follow-ups                                                     $15.00

Victoria’s Essentials ZO Experience                 $130.00



Victoria’s Essentials Pedicure Experience        $130.00

Different treatments take different lengths of time:

  • Shellac nails – 45 minutes
  • Express Manicure or Pedicure – 30 minutes
  • Victoria’s Essentials ZO Experience Manicure – 90 minutes
  • Victoria’s Essential Pedicure Experience – 90 minutes

We will be closed on Friday 4th December for a staff training day