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Tuscan Tan™

Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic is proud to offer professional spray tanning with the Tuscan Tan. Tuscan Tan is water resistant and lasts 7 to 10 days.
Tuscan Tan™


  • We use Tuscan Tan, an Australian, naturally-made tanning solution
  • Rapid solution which acts in just 90 minutes
  • Contains Violet-Tone Complex, to minimise unnatural orange tones
  • Tuscan Tan is water resistant, sustaining your tan for the full duration of 7-10 days

About Tuscan Tan™

Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic is proud to offer professional spray tanning with the Tuscan Tan™ Rapid-Amino 90 solution. The Tuscan Tan Rapid-Amino Complex™ is made up of five penetration enhancers selected at levels to allow optimal and rapid colour development of the active tanning ingredients after just 90 minutes.

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Tuscan Tan™ Spray Tan

Derived from all natural fruits, sugars and flowers, Tuscan Tan is an optimised blend of active tanning ingredients which react naturally with the amino acids on the outer layer of the skin. This enables the colour accelerators to deliver the highest degree of active colour development for your skin in the shortest amount of time.

The solution also contains Violet-Tone Complex™ which consists of six colourants formulated to counteract the yellow/orange undertones commonly seen in alternative DHA based spray tan brands.

How long does the tan last?

The Tuscan Tan™ creates a natural protective layer that is water resistant, enabling the cosmetic bronzers to be sustained on the skin throughout the duration of the tan. The bronzers in all other spray tan solutions simply wash away within the first shower.

Tuscan Tan lasts for seven to ten days before gradually and evenly fading. This amount of time does also depend on your lifestyle as for example, swimming in chlorinated water may remove the tan quicker. Using the Tuscan Tan brand of post care products will assist in extending the life of your tan.

Preparing for your appointment

Before you come to your appointment, it is recommended to do some pre tan prep. If you are going to do any hair removal treatments, such as waxing or shaving, this needs to be done at least 12 hours before having your tan. You need to exfoliate your skin, especially concentrating on the dry rough areas, within 24 hours before your appointment.

You must come without any moisturiser or lotion on your skin, if you do have lotion on it will create a barrier with the tan. Bringing dark loose clothing and thongs or sandals with you is recommended as you don’t want anything tight which will then cause rubbing on your tan.

Bring an umbrella if it is raining. If you wish you may bring some underwear or swimwear to wear during your tan, we do provide disposable underwear or you are welcome to go nude if you prefer.

Why Choose Victoria’s?

Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic was originally started in 2002 by Anne Talbot, a registered nurse, and Dr Julie Osberg, a GP and cosmetic physician, so you can be sure you are getting a qualified opinion based on years of experience and expertise.

While Victoria’s original focus was cosmetic treatments to enhance our client’s appearances, we branched out to provide beauty treatments so that everything is available under one roof. If you want to have a cosmetic treatment followed by a Tuscan Tan, then you can have it all done at Victoria’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your Launceston Cup tan at Victoria’s! Full body Tuscan Tans are 25% off until the Launceston Cup on the 26th of February!

Treatment Cost
Full Body Tan $40.00 $30.00
Part Body Tan $25.00
Maintenance Tan $30.00 (Within 10 days of your previous tan)

Tuscan Tan advises that their tan is generally considered to be okay for pregnant and lactating women.

However, Victoria’s Clinic has made the decision not to spray tan pregnant women.

We are more than happy to advise you with the Tuscan Tan home-care range for a self-tan gel which may be applied at home.

Tuscan Tan Rapid-Amino 90 solution has a development time of 90 minutes. After 90 minutes, you can have a quick shower to wash off the excess bronzers. The actual tan will continue to develop on your skin after your shower for the next 6 – 8 hours.

The following day you can commence bathing as normal, although the Tuscan Tan PH Balanced Skin Care Wash is recommended to use as it is balanced in PH levels as to not strip the skin of the tan.