Kleresca Rosacea Treatment

Kleresca Rosacea Treatment effectively treats signs and symptoms of rosacea through the use of light energy to stimulate the skin’s natural healing response.
Kleresca Rosacea Treatment


  • Effectively treats Rosacea and inflammation of the skin
  • Unintrusive treatment which uses a facial gel and light energy
  • Suitable for patients with sensitive skin
  • Improves overall skin quality

About Kleresca Rosacea Treatment

Kleresca Rosacea Treatment

Unlike other treatments, Kleresca Rosacea Treatment uses a fluorescent light energy to stimulate the skin at a cellular level and treat signs and symptoms of rosacea. As a result, it creates a healing response which improves skin quality. Even suitable for patients with very sensitive skin, this treatment is non-invasive, with little downtime.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin disorder that primarily affects the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. Some symptoms include redness, sensitive skin, pimples and fine (red) vascular lines. Many people experiencing rosacea also describe the skin becoming easily flushed.

There are four main types of rosacea:

  1. Flushing, persistent redness, vascular lines
  2. Persistent redness, swelling, bumps and pimples, burning sensation
  3. Thickening skin and enlargement (normally in the nasal area)
  4. Eye irritation, burning sensation and red eyes

The Rosacea Treatment Process

Kleresca Rosacea Treatment is performed in three steps.

  1. The skin is cleaned and the treatment gel is applied

  2. The gel is illuminated for 9 minutes using the Kleresca lamp.

  3. The gel is removed and the skin is once again cleaned and moisturised.

Results of the Kleresca Rosacea Treatment

This treatment has specially designed to target the different signs and symptoms of rosacea. Some of these symptoms include skin inflammation, erythema and papules and pustules.

Following the treatment, many patients have noted that the overall quality of their skin improved. This is because the treatment induces the skins natural healing response.

The treatment promotes the development of blood vessels in treated areas. Although one might think otherwise, this reduces inflammation and flushing. With the production of new blood vessels, blood can be more easily dispersed around the same area, leading to healthier skin.

Other Kleresca Treatments

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For more information on Kleresca Rosacea Treatments, contact us to book your consultation, or visit the Kleresca website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kleresca Rosacea Treatment is inspired by photosynthesis. Chromophores in the gel convert the light waves produced by the lamp into a fluorescent light energy that stimulated the skin to repair and regenerate.

The lamp can be set at different wavelengths and have the ability to penetrate various depths of the skin and to stimulate the skin cells.

No, the treatment uses a multi-LED lamp as its energy source. This emits a light described to be in the “blue light” area and is therefore in the visible light spectrum.  Eye protection is worn during treatment.

No harmful UV light is emitted and clinical tests have shown that the treatment is well tolerated and that there are no serious side effects.

No! Even if it is the middle of summer, you will still be able to expose your skin to sunlight after your treatment. However, it is necessary that you wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the harmful UV light of the sun.

The cost of a single Kleresca Rosacea treatment is $200.

Please refer to our facials price list for more details on pricing for Kleresca treatments.

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