UNGEX Demodex Treatment

Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic offers diagnosis and treatment of Demodex mite infestations, which are a known cause of various skin conditions.
UNGEX Demodex Treatment


  • Reduce symptoms of microscopic mite populations
  • Diagnose and target Demodex mites as the cause of skin conditions
  • Completely eliminate mite populations within 3-4 months

About UNGEX Demodex Treatment

Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic offers diagnosis and treatment of Demodex mite infestations, which are a known cause of various skin conditions. The process involves a consultation to go over your symptoms, followed by a painless skin scrape which is analysed under a microscope. In clinic treatments can then be given in combination with a daily UNGEX product made specifically to target Demodex mites. Within a period of 3-4 months, the treatments are able to make the skin resistant to Demodex mites and the symptoms of previous infestation will be reduced.

What are Demodex Mites?

Demodex mites are microscopic parasites that live in the hair follicles of our scalp, face and body. Most people are unaware or have never heard of them, but studies have shown that an overpopulation of these mites can contribute to numerous skin complications including – but not limited to – acne, rosacea, blepharitis, seborrheic dermatitis, itching and crawling feelings, hair loss and thinning, facial discolouration, and enlarged pores.

These mites will feed off of sebum, nutrients, and any topical products applied onto the skin, furthering the health of their populations and rendering certain treatments invalid.

How does Demodex treatment work?

Treatment to control the population density of Demodex mites is essential. The UNGEX products, which consist of a skin cleanser and a prescribed spray, help to gradually decrease and eventually help eliminate the number of mites on the skin by creating a hostile environment for these mites.

Treating nightly at home, accompanied by in-clinic treatments, ensures an effective solution for the skin over the course of a minimum 3-4 months. 

Diagnosis – Demodex mites testing

Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic conducts testing to confirm the presence of Demodex mites on human skin. We collect a sample of your skin surface and we analyze it under the microscope at different magnifications. Testing requires pain free skin scrapings to be taken and results are visible immediately.

What else should I consider?

In addition to the use of UNGEX Demodex products, you may wish to have facial treatments to repair damage caused by Demodex mites, and to increase the effectiveness of the UNGEX treatment.

We offer several options to repair skin damage, and the combination of UNGEX products and High Frequency Facials are one of the best options, increasing the effectiveness of UNGEX products while helping to eliminate acne and other skin concerns.


15 minutes, $40.00

This treatment involves the infusion of active product to speed up the effects of UNGEX treatment. It is ideally suited as a weekly, or twice-weekly treatments in addition to the use of UNGEX products, continued until all signs of Demodex mite infestation have disappeared.

View more information on High Frequency Facials.

Why Choose Victoria’s?

Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic was originally started in 2002 by Anne Talbot, a registered nurse, and Dr Julie Osberg, a GP and cosmetic physician, so you can be sure you are getting a qualified opinion based on years of experience and expertise.

Victoria’s offers a full range of cosmetic and beauty treatments for you to achieve your desired appearance. Demodex mite treatments can be used to treat the cause of a skin problem, and after the treatments are finished, Victoria’s offer a range of facial treatments which can restore your skin to its healthy, natural state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Those with large Demodex infestations may experience the following symptoms:

Rosacea, acne, and blepharitis:
When the populations of mites in the skin are too high, the bacteria and faeces of mites break down, which triggers an inflammatory reaction and can cause skin problems such as rosacea and acne.

Ageing skin, enlarged pores:

They have also been found to feed on collagen and elastin from the skin, causing the skin to lose its elasticity and result in wrinkles, etc.

Itching, dandruff and crawling sensations (especially at night):

These mites walk along the skin using their claws to attach and scuff against the skin. When an overpopulation of Demodex is present, it may cause us to feel an itching or crawling sensation. Mites avoid UV light from the sun and come out at nighttime to find a mate and feed, so most people will notice the crawling feelings at night.

Hair loss and thinning:

Mites feed off of the oils and nutrients from the skin, causing follicles to become undernourished. If left untreated for a long period of time, mite population can increase drastically and cause hair to fall out.

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