How To Choose Between a Laser Facial or Topical Facial

19 Jan 2023 / Tips
How To Choose Between a Laser Facial or Topical Facial

From relaxing topical facials to innovative laser facials, you have many choices when it comes to booking in a facial. The main difference between a topical facial, like a Hydrafacial, and a laser facial, like Pico Genesis, is the method used to administer the facial. During a topical facial, your therapist will use cleansers, exfoliators, serums, creams and more to rejuvenate the skin, whilst during a laser facial, your therapist will use light energy to reach the deeper layers of the skin. We’ve put together this guide to help you decide which type of facial is right for you, based on your personal goals and lifestyle.

You should choose a laser treatment when…

You want to target a specific skin concern, quickly.

If you’re looking into booking a facial that will address a specific problem that you’re having with your skin, you may want to consider a laser treatment. Whilst topical facials will help overtime with skin problems, if you want quicker results, we would opt for the laser. During laser treatments, energy is used to treat deep within the skin, targeting concerns like pigmentation, ageing, acne, and more from the source. Lasers also stimulate natural collagen production, meaning your skin will continue to improve even after the treatment.

You want longer-lasting results.

Immediately after a topical facial, you’ll certainly notice improvements in your skin. However, most of the time, these results will fade over a month or so, and you’ll need to book in for another facial. With a laser treatment, on the other hand, you’ll likely reach your goal in 1-3 treatments, and then your goals will be achieved, and you won’t need to return for more visits to address the same problems.

You want to treat skin conditions like eczema and rosacea.

Topical facials can soothe skin concerns like eczema or rosacea, but most of the times, you’ll need more advanced treatments, like LED Light Therapy or laser treatments to treat the problem areas deep within the skin. With a laser treatment, you’ll be able to go further in between treatments to address redness, visible blood vessels, and more.

You want to transform your skin before a big event.

If you have a major event that you want to look red-carpet ready for, like a wedding or a birthday celebration, you should consider booking a series of laser treatments well in advance. At Victoria’s, we offer Custom Skincare Plans, so we can evaluate your skin, listen to your skin concerns, and develop a 12-month plan of treatments to help you reach your goal by the time your big day rolls around.

You should choose a topical facial when…

You want to have a relaxing experience.

If you’re looking to book a facial for the dim lights, massage, and relaxing ambiance, rather than for a specific skin concern, a topical facial may be your go to. Topical treatments like Hydrafacials or any Victoria’s Facial will give you generalised skin health results as well as that relaxing experience that you’re looking for.

You want to target a temporary skin concern.

Many clients come into Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic to address skin concerns that aren’t persistent. If you’ve been travelling and feel extra congested or your skin gets dry in the summer, a topical facial could give your skin exactly what you need to feel refreshed. Topical facials could also be great for mild pigmentation or skin texture.

You want to achieve results with milder treatments.

If you want to address skin concerns, but you’re not ready to dive into the world of lasers, then sticking with topical facials will still get you the results you’re looking for. At Victoria’s, we often pair topical facials with active skincare that clients can use at home to further their results from the topical facial.

You want glowing skin before an event.

If you have an event coming up in the next few days, and you want glowing, hydrated skin, opt for a topical facial, like a Fire & Ice Facial, for rejuvenated skin. After a laser treatment, you’ll most likely need a couple days or so of downtime for any redness to disappear, so your safer bet would be to go in for a topical facial that will give you immediate results, with no downtime at all.

Combining topical facials and laser treatments

At Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic, we put together facial treatments that include both topical facials and laser treatments, like in our Laser Acne Facial, all in one session. By combining the cleansing and relaxation aspects of topical facials with the collagen stimulating and rejuvenation aspects of a laser treatment, you can get the best of both worlds in one innovative facial that will leave you with immediate and long-lasting results. 

Book a facial with Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic

If you’re ready to book one of laser treatments or topical facials, give our team a call at 6331 0377! If you’re still unsure which treatments would be best for you, give us a call to schedule a Custom Skincare Plan consultation, where we’ll give you expert advice on which treatments will help you reach your goals.

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