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Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic understands that beauty isn’t just about our faces, so we offer a range of body treatments to help you feel more beautiful from head to toe. Our body treatments can be used to treat concerns such as tattoo removal and stretch marks, or enrich your body’s appearance, such as body sculpting with CoolSculpting and permanent hair removal.

Our body treatments can be adapted and customised to suit your body and specific skin needs, please contact us today and we can work together to help you look your best.


CoolSculpting® is a non surgical, no needles and no downtime treatment alternative to liposuction. It is a body sculpting treatment which works to ...

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Neck & Décolletage Skin Rejuvenation

This signature treatment has been specially crafted with complementing treatments to achieve results that are both rewarding and convenient....

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Total Xen Experience

The Total Xen Experience is a whole-body rejuvenation treatment that uses red light therapy to improve muscle performance and relieve pain or stiffnes...

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Cellulite Treatment

Victoria’s Z-Wave Pro Cellulite treatment reduces the appearance of cellulite, while tightening the skin and reducing stretch marks in treatment areas...

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Excessive Underarm Sweating

Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic offers treatments for excessive underarm sweating, to effectively reduce excess perspiration and help you feel clea...

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Stretch Mark Treatment

Stretch Marks are a very common skin condition and can be a cause of concern for many people. Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic can help to treat you...

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Visible Leg Veins/Spider Veins Treatment

Victoria’s can effectively treat and remove varicose veins and spider veins using sclerotherapy treatments, which are minimally invasive....

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