What is Pigmentation Treatment?

Benign pigmented lesions are coloured spots or patches on the skin caused by increased production of melanin, the dark pigment in the skin.

The number one cause of increase in pigmentation is sun damage and a lot of this occurs in your childhood years presenting itself in the form of pigmentation and lines from the age of mid-thirties on.

We use a combination of Active skin care, Intense Pulse Light (IPL) & Laser treatments, and LED light therapy. These can be used in tandem, or if you have a specific spot, we can often reduce its visibility quickly with the use of a laser.

How does the treatment work?

Treatment for pigmentation may consist of a combination of IPL, Laser Treatments, and LED Light Therapy, as well as a prescription of daily active skin care.

IPL treatment involves the use of intense pulses of light to lighten benign pigmented lesions without incisions and with minimal side effects.

Using Laser treatments with the Cutera enlighten™ Pico Nano Triple wavelength laser allows us to reduce and in some cases remove the pigmentation with minimal to no downtime.

Using enlighten’s™ ultra-fast energy packages of laser light which selectively target and shatter the pigment particles leaving only a slight frosting on the surface of the pigmentation. The frosting will form into a very light scab which will gradually disappear over the next few days. The skin may be a little pink underneath but slowly return to normal over the next couple of weeks.

How long does it take?

At four weeks we will review your outcome and compare your pictures. By this stage you should see some amazing results.  Depending on your results and desired outcome a second or third treatment may be needed but often only one or two sessions are required.

We have the ability to work on individual pigment spots or completely rejuvenate the whole face using these ultra-short wavelengths of light.