Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic is excited to offer several extremely effective semi-permanent hair removal options.

Women and men alike now have the ability to almost permanently remove unwanted facial and body hair, no matter their skin type or skin tone. The state-of-the-art cooling, longer wavelength and unique design allow very safe, effective and semi-permanent results for patients.

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

At Victoria’s, we use a combination of Laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal devices. Both of these use light energy to target hair follicles, but each has its own strengths, so our experienced staff use a combination to achieve the best results for every individual.

The laser handpiece cools and soothes as it glides along the skin. At the point where the light pulse is delivered, you may experience a minor pinching sensation, similar to the snap of a rubber band on the skin. Generally, no anaesthesia or pain medicine is needed; however, when sensitive areas are treated, some patients prefer to use a topical anaesthetic for a more comfortable experience.

Laser hair removal works by using the light of the laser to heat the hair follicles. The light is drawn to dark pigments in the hair, which absorb the light produced by the laser, heating the hair follicles to prevent hair growth.

The heat absorbed by the hair destroys the bulb of the hair follicle as well as the cells responsible for hair regrowth. For full removal of a hair follicle, a temperature of about 70 degrees is reached. You will not feel intense heat on your skin as the heat is only generated as the hair follicle absorbs the energy from the laser, converting it into heat.

How many treatments are needed?

Typically, most areas require between three and six sessions. There are, however, a few factors that determine how many treatments are required for optimal long-term benefits:

  • The thickness of your hair
  • The area being treated
  • Your hair’s growth cycle

Not all hairs will actively grow at the same time; in fact, your hair goes through three phases:

  • Growth
  • Regression
  • Resting

Laser hair removal disables the hair that is in the active growth phase at the time of the treatment. As not all of the hair in the treatment area will be in that phase at the same time, additional treatments may be necessary before all of the hair follicles have been disabled.

What can be expected after treatment and are there any side effects?

Straight after your treatment, the area may become slightly red and swollen, similar to sunburn. Between day three and day seven after treatment, the hair in the treated area may seem like it is regrowing. The hair is  being shed rather than regrowing. While you can shave between treatments, it’s best that you do not wax or pluck your hair in the treatment area.

The reddening and swelling of the skin usually last for only a few hours. Some patients, however, experience blistering of the skin in rare occurrences. Your therapist will provide you with all of the information on the benefits and any risks associated with the treatment.