What is enlightenPico Genesis?

Pico Genesis uses ultra-short “photoacoustic” pulses of light to remodel the lower layers of the skin reducing pigmentation, as well as give an overall brilliance to the complexion in 1-2 treatments.

The results from enlighten™ Pico Genesis are visible after just one treatment. Following treatment, your skin will look and feel lighter, brighter and firmer, and you will be free to get back to your busy life with no downtime.

Pico Genesis can be used on its own, or in combination with other treatments. For the best results, it is ideally used after an initial treatment of full face laser colour correction, and in conjunction with a prescribed daily topical skincare regime.

Our pico-toning treatments are divided into two categories, the Pico Genesis and the Pico Genesis FX.

Pico Genesis is a treatment with minimal to no downtime, while the FX (fractionated laser) treatment is a stronger treatment to achieve significant results, therefore unlike the regular Genesis, there is likely to be redness and light scabbing a few days after the treatment.

What is Pico Genesis FX?

Pico Genesis FX is a more intensive version of the Pico Genesis treatment. It works by delivering fractionated, high energy picosecond pulses within the skin. This works to promote advanced collagen remodelling and elastin production.

Essentially, this means it promotes the skin to actively stimulate collagen production and drastically reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while also improving skin texture and quality.

Victoria’s has been offering the Pico Genesis FX treatment since 2016, and we have had some outstanding results. We have had wonderful success in reducing upper lip lines, deeper lines in general, and in providing skin rejuvenation.

Why Choose Victoria’s?

Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic aims to be a leader in innovative cosmetic technology.  Victoria’s was the second clinic in Australia and New Zealand to purchase the Cutera enlighten™ laser technology, so you can be sure that the team has substantial expertise in cosmetic laser technology, and that our experience rivals that of the top cosmetic medical clinics around the globe.