High Quality Treatment Beds Now More Important Than Ever

12 Jun 2020 / Treatments
High Quality Treatment Beds Now More Important Than Ever

How to enhance the client experience without touching them.

With so many small, but important touches taken away from client journeys at the moment due to social distancing rules, it is more important than ever to make your patients feel extra comfortable during their treatments. While having thick doonas and plush pillows is not an option in the foreseeable future as you will be required to sanitise each bed thoroughly between clients, having a good quality treatment bed or lounger can make all the difference.

With ‘no-touch-treatments’, such as LED and low-level lasers experiencing a spike in popularity, Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic in Launceston has made sure patients are getting the full ‘pampering’ experience by offering ZG Dream & Studio Loungers by Living Earth Crafts (LEC). These versatile hand crafted loungers fuse the scientifically proven relaxation benefits of zero gravity positioning with LEC’s world renowned custom built craftsmanship.

ZG Dream Lounger via Spa Vision

The reason these loungers, supplied by Spa Vision, work so well for these types of treatments is their manoeuvrability, which allows for optimised comfort and positioning. The different positions can flex for different treatments on different areas, and can give the therapist great visibility of their client. Memory cushioning, heat and massage options, and quiet motors will enhance any treatment.

Anne Talbot, owner at Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic, said, “The launch of our dedicated Phototherapy Clinic reflects the changing needs of our clients, alongside an increasing business focus in this area. In making this a focus, we wanted to ensure the whole experience would be optimal.  As such I needed to source beds which offered maximum comfort, warmth, massage vibration ability controlled by client and of course be aesthetically pleasing. The team at Spa Vision provided me with the very best solution and I found them to be both professional and knowledgeable in this area.”

Neil Owen, Director of Spa Vision, said, “We began working with Anne at Victoria’s ahead of the COVID-19 challenges and are delighted to see the clinic close to being back up and running.  The ZG Dream & Studio Loungers will be a great addition to the clinic, providing aesthetically pleasing loungers that will maximise the guests’ comfort. We wish them all the best with their reopening.”

Think about your treatment beds and loungers. Are they comfortable, not just for five minutes but for 60 or 90 minutes? Do they show signs of wear and tear and might need upholstering? For some of them, it may be time to be replaced with the next generation of spa and clinic furniture.

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