Is Laser Hair Removal Really Worth It?

10 Dec 2021 / Treatments
Is Laser Hair Removal Really Worth It?

If you deal with routine shaving and waxing, you have probably considered laser hair removal once or twice (or a hundred times). Even though this treatment has been around for decades now, you may still be wondering is it really worth it? We’re breaking down laser hair removal and its pros and cons, so you can once and for all decide if laser hair removal is for you.

How does laser hair removal work?

At Victoria’s, we use a combination of Laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal devices. Both of these use light energy to target hair follicles, but each has its own strengths, so our experienced staff use a combination to achieve the best results for every individual.

Laser hair removal works by using the light of the laser to heat the hair follicles. The light is drawn to dark pigments in the hair, which absorb the light produced by the laser, heating the hair follicles. The heat absorbed by the hair destroys the bulb of the hair follicle as well as the cells responsible for hair regrowth.


You can stop shaving and waxing altogether.

The number one and most obvious benefit of laser hair removal is that it permanently reduces unwanted hair – say goodbye to razors and waxing and the back-and-forth that comes with them. After each laser session, you’ll notice less and less hair regrowth until you reach a point where you will no longer need to shave or wax.

You won’t have to deal with the effects of shaving.

If you are an avid shaver, chances are you’ve experienced the in-grown hairs, itchiness, razor burn, and cuts that come with razors. With laser hair removal, you can forever forget about these effects of shaving, leaving you with clear, smooth skin at all times.

You can remove hair from many different parts of the body.

Laser hair removal isn’t just for legs! If you don’t mind the upkeep of shaving your legs, but you have unwanted hair in other areas such as your underarms, bikini line, upper lip, arms, back, and more, laser hair removal could be your solution.

Treatments are quick and effective.

Laser hair removal is the quickest and most effective way to remove unwanted hair. In small areas like the upper lip, treatments can last around a couple minutes. For broader areas like legs, treatments can last around an hour. In the end, this treatment may eliminate 90% of hair regrowth.

You can expect results after three to seven sessions.

Laser hair removal has great predictability. You can expect to only need anywhere between three to seven sessions before you are happy with your laser hair removal results.


Not everyone will be a candidate.

Laser hair removal targets the pigment in each hair. Since very blonde, white, or gray hair has no pigment, this treatment may not work on you. If you are unsure if you are a candidate, schedule a consultation with our team, and we will give you an honest answer.

It is an investment.

Laser hair removal isn’t cheap, especially for those needing around 6-7 sessions. But at the same time, you will be saving in the long run by not needing to purchase products like razors, shaving cream, aftershave, waxing kits, etc. So while it requires some dollars up front, it’s still extremely financially beneficial down the track.

You should keep up with regular treatments.

When you have a consultation for laser hair removal, your laser technician will plan out your sessions within a few weeks apart. It is important to stick to this schedule if you want to achieve the best results. This is why purchasing a laser hair removal package is typically a better strategy than sporadically scheduling appointments.

There are some side effects involved after treatments.

After you get laser hair removal, you may notice reddening or swelling of the treatment areas, similar to a sunburn. These side effects typically resolve within a few hours. You should also avoid shaving, waxing, plucking, exfoliation, excessive sweating, swimming or saunas, very hot showers, and tight restrictive clothing for 24 hours following treatment.

Victoria’s Laser & IPL Hair Removal

So, do the pros outweigh the cons for you? If you’ve decided that laser hair removal is definitely worth it, turn to the laser experts at Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic. We have been providing clients with this service for over two decades, so you can rest assured we will get you the best results for laser hair removal in Launceston.

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