How CoolSculpting® Can Complement Your Healthy Lifestyle

27 Jul 2022 / Treatments
How CoolSculpting® Can Complement Your Healthy Lifestyle

Whether your day-to-day involves early morning walks and a balanced diet or weight lifting in the gym and hitting your macros, you’ve probably already created a healthy lifestyle that works for you. While a healthy lifestyle does wonders for your mental health, you may also have some physical goals that you’re working towards. For some, you may hit these body goals with diet and exercise alone, but for others, you may struggle to get rid of some stubborn fat. If the latter sounds like you, you may be the ideal candidate for CoolSculpting®.

One of the biggest misconceptions about CoolSculpting® is that it’s a weight loss treatment, when, in fact, it’s actually a body contouring treatment for people who are already living a healthy lifestyle and are close to or at their ideal weight. While the numbers on the scale won’t go down much following a CoolSculpting®, you will notice a slimmer, more toned body.

Here’s more on how CoolSculpting® could be the perfect addition to your already healthy lifestyle if you’re struggling with stubborn bulges and bumps.

CoolSculpting® can boost your diet and exercise results.

If you live a balanced lifestyle and still struggle with some stubborn weight that won’t seem to shift, you’re not alone. Many times, your muscle definition is there, but it’s hidden beneath a layer of fat that’s hard to or impossible to get rid of with diet and exercise alone. With CoolSculpting®, you can finally reveal the work that you’ve put in – and it all comes down to fat cells.

With diet and exercise, you can effectively shrink fat cells, but you cannot get rid of them completely. This means that if you put on weight again, the fat cells will expand once more. Luckily, CoolSculpting® can pick up where the gym left off by freezing and destroying fat cells. These cells are naturally processed and eliminated, uncovering the toned body you’ve worked for.

You can spot-reduce fat with CoolSculpting®.

We all probably have that one part of our body that we’d like to see just a bit more contoured, most commonly the chin, stomach, buttocks, arms, back or outer thighs. While you can’t spot-reduce the fat in these areas with diet and exercise, you can do exactly that with CoolSculpting®.

By applying the CoolSculpting® applicator to your specific concern areas, the fat cells are permanently destroyed. For many clients, these results can measure up to 25% fat loss in those areas that were treated. So, if you’re hitting the gym regularly and still struggling with slimming down in specific areas of the body, this is where CoolSculpting® can really help.

CoolSculpting® results can be a huge motivator during a fitness plateau.

When you hit a fitness plateau and feel like it’s just impossible to shrink lingering bulges, it can be tough to find the motivation to continue eating right and working out regularly. Following CoolSculpting® treatments, it’s common for clients to find motivation and renewed interest, because they finally start to see the muscle tone that they’ve been working so hard for.

When you receive CoolSculpting® treatments, you’ll likely see the full results between two and six months afterwards. You probably won’t notice the fat loss looking at numbers on a scale, but you will certainly see and feel results, like muscle tone finally showing up on your thighs or your stomach looking more toned.

Remember to stick to your healthy lifestyle following CoolSculpting®.

The best part about CoolSculpting®? The results can be long-lasting, so long as you maintain your healthy lifestyle that you already settled into before CoolSculpting®. While it can be tempting, it’s important to not completely stop with your diet and exercise routine once you’ve achieved your toned body. This is because CoolSculpting® is not an alternative for a healthy, balanced lifestyle, rather something that can perfectly complement it to help you reach your body goals.

Interested in learning more about CoolSculpting®?

At Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic, we’ve been performing CoolSculpting® in Launceston, Tasmania for many years. Our experience allows us to get the best results for our clients as we help them look and feel their absolute best. To learn more about CoolSculpting®, you can download our free eGuide here.

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