6 Honest Truths About Laser Tattoo Removal

26 Aug 2022 / Treatments
6 Honest Truths About Laser Tattoo Removal

There are plenty of reasons why someone may want to remove a tattoo from their body. Did you get it circa 2010 and have since outgrown it? Did you go to a new artist that left you with blurry or uneven lines? Has your once-perfect fine line tattoo faded too much for your liking? Luckily, with advancements of laser tattoo removal technology, the old phrase “tattoos are forever” isn’t exactly true anymore.

While there’s heaps of information out there about getting tattoos, there’s a bit of a lack of information about the flipside of the tattoo world – getting them removed. To help you get a better idea about what goes into erasing that bit of ink on your body, here are our six honest truths about laser tattoo removal.

It requires experienced laser technicians

First and foremost, it’s extremely important to do your research and find an experienced laser tattoo removal specialist or clinic. Choosing the clinic based solely on the proximity to you or low prices, without doing prior research, could lead you to spend more time and money then you need for little to no progress in removing the tattoo. Before an appointment, we suggest:

  • Listening to recommendations from friends or family that had successful tattoo removal
  • Browsing before and after pictures or client reviews from a laser specialist you’re considering going to
  • Enquiring with the laser technician about years of experience and the technology they use.

It takes more than one session

Laser tattoo removal is not a one-and-done kind of treatment. Nor is it a two-and-done kind of treatment (for most tattoos). If you’re considering laser tattoo removal, you’ll need to be prepared to commit to a series of regular treatments. At Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic, we can completely remove tattoos in an average of 4-7 sessions, sometimes more or less depending on your specific tattoo.

Remember that not only will you need a series of treatments, but these treatments will be spread out every 6-8 weeks or so. So, keep in mind that you’ll be entering a process that could take between 6 months to nearly a year to complete. However, when you keep up with treatments, it will be worth the wait to finally see the tattoo erased.

It’s an investment

Since you will need multiple treatments to get the results you want, and most places require payment per session, removing a tattoo won’t be cheap – and you won’t want it to be! While going to an experienced laser technician or clinic will be an investment, you’ll know that your money is going towards treatments that will work, instead of wasting your money at a clinic that claims they can do it for less and then leave you with little to no results.

When planning to get your tattoo removed, enquire with the company first and make sure that you have the funds saved up or can fit it into your budgeting. This way, you’ll be prepared to pay for the around 4-7 sessions that completely remove your tattoo.

Not all technology is equal

The quality of the technology is extremely important when it comes to laser tattoo removal. If a technician uses an outdated laser, you could be left with scarring or little to no fading of your tattoo, even after multiple sessions. At Victoria’s, we use the enlighten™ laser tattoo removal system.

enlighten™ incorporates both picosecond and nanosecond technology to efficiently break down the particles of ink in the tattoo. Picosecond laser pulses have been shown to remove tattoos more completely and in fewer treatment sessions in comparison to previous traditional lasers.

To learn more about the laser tattoo removal technology used at Victoria’s, download our FREE laser tattoo removal eGuide: https://victorias.com.au/guides/laser-tattoo-removal-guide-form/

There might be some pain during the treatment

When you receive CoolSculpting® treatments, you’ll likely see the full results between two and six months afterwards. You probably won’t notice the fat loss looking at numbers on a scale, but you will certainly see and feel results, like muscle tone finally showing up on your thighs or your stomach looking more toned.

If you’ve done any research into laser tattoo removal, you probably know that it’s not a painless procedure. However, the pain level shouldn’t deter you from finally getting rid of that bothersome tattoo. At most laser clinics, you’ll receive some topical anaesthetic and/or chilling to help ease the pain. Many of our clients have compared the procedure to a rubber band being snapped against their skin. So, while the treatment is not completely painless, it is certainly bearable.

There will be some aftercare requirements

Following each laser tattoo removal session, you will probably encounter some redness, swelling, blistering, or light crusting. There may also be some frosting on the surface of the skin which will change to a light scab over the next few days. These side effects are all temporary and will resolve over the next one to two weeks.

If you choose to get your tattoo removed with Victoria’s, we will apply a light dressing immediately after treatment which can be removed after 24 hours. Afterwards, you will need to apply a scar reduction gel daily (usually after a shower) during the entire healing time. We recommend Stratamed and Strataderm which can be purchased in our clinic.

Book a Consultation with Victoria’s

If you’ve decided that you’re ready to start your tattoo removal process, book a consultation with the team at Victoria’s. During a consultation, we’ll have a better look at your tattoo, discuss goals and expectations, and set a treatment plan that will have you on the road to removing your tattoo completely. Give us a call at 6331 0377 or learn more about laser tattoo removal with us at https://victorias.com.au/treatments/laser-treatments/laser-tattoo-removal/

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