6 Tips for Glowing Summer Skin

31 Oct 2022 / Tips
6 Tips for Glowing Summer Skin

Summer is just around the corner, meaning longer days, warmer weather, and many outdoor events and get togethers. It’s also a great time to re-evaluate your skincare routine to make sure your skin is protected from the sun. Don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you to reinvent your entire routine – just to make some adjustments in what you focus on most to keep your skin healthy and glowing all season long. These are our top six top tips for healthy summer skin.

Opt for minimal makeup

On warmer summer days, wearing a lot of makeup can feel like an unnecessary layer. Plus, when you sweat, it’ll likely slip and slide throughout the day anyway. Opting for minimal makeup over the summer can give your skin a much-needed break. So, next time you’re reaching for your full coverage foundation on a day when you’re not up to much, think about switching to a tinted SPF or a spot corrector instead, so your skin can breathe a bit! This can also help you avoid breakouts, which are common in summer.


We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: sunscreen is the most important part of every skincare routine. During summer, when Australia’s sun is in full force, it’s more important than ever to apply (and reapply) SPF every single day, even if you aren’t planning on going out that day. If you’ve been a bit slack over winter with sunscreen, start working it into your everyday morning routine now, so it becomes a habit throughout summer!


Since we’re outside and usually sweat a bit more in the summer, you may be prone to breakouts and clogged pores during this season. This is where being consistent with exfoliating will come in handy! Over the summer, exfoliate your face at least 2-3 times per week to buff away dead skin cells and free your skin of any built-up sweat, dirt, or makeup.

Tip: Choosing an AHA or BHA exfoliator can be easier on your skin than physical scrubs.

Keep your skin hydrated

Keeping your skin hydrated starts on the inside! During summer, make sure you’re getting your 8 litres of waters per day or more. Not only will you feel better, but your skin will also look better. For some people, drinking water and wearing a good SPF maybe the only moisturiser you need throughout the day. For those with particularly dry skin, you may also want to wear both SPF and a light moisturizer during the day, and your thicker moisturiser at night.

Tip: HydraFacials are one of our top summer treatments to moisturise, exfoliate your skin. Book a series of HydraFacials with Victoria’s throughout summer to keep your skin glowing!

Lean into antioxidants

A Vitamin C serum is a great year-round product, but it’s especially helpful in the summer. When we’re outside more often and the sun is stronger, we’re more prone to developing dark spots or sun spots. Vitamin C can help prevent this hyperpigmentation from ever forming, which is why it’s one of the best summer skincare products. It also provides some natural sun protection (but cannot be used in place of SPF) and helps stimulate collagen production.

Treat sun damage now and later

If you already have some hyperpigmentation lingering around from last summer or summers prior, it’s important to treat it now, so it doesn’t darken this summer. At Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic, we have a range of hyperpigmentation treatments and products to get your skin ready to take on summer.

At the end of summer, even if you were consistent with your skincare routine, you can still end up with some hyperpigmentation. Luckily, this new hyperpigmentation can be easier to erase than sun damage that has been around for a while. So, at the end of summer, remember to evaluate your skin and book in with a skin clinic like Victoria’s to restore your skin!

Victoria’s Will Help Keep You Glowing

At Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic, we see first-hand the damage sun can do to the skin – but this doesn’t mean you have to hide away all summer! With the above tips, you should be well prepared to keep your skin healthy and glowing all season long. If you’re interested in booking in for a hyperpigmentation treatment before summer, give us a call at 6331 0377. Or, for some summer skincare products, browse our online shop!

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