How Athletes Are Benefiting From Red Light Therapy

20 Mar 2023 / Treatments
How Athletes Are Benefiting From Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy is being used to help soothe aching muscles, aid recovery, and improve general wellness. Many athletes and those focussing on health and fitness are beginning to discover these benefits and are turning to Red Light Therapy before and after working out.

Red Light Therapy can help people recover from and prevent injuries, reach your gym goals, perform in sport matches, and manage cooldowns from different exercises. Keep reading to find out how red light therapy can work for you and why you should add our Total Xen Experience into your lifestyle!

How does Red Light Therapy work?

Red Light Therapy involves directing specific wavelengths of light that come from an LED light source, to a body part. By increasing the blood flow and stimulating cell regeneration up to 200% faster, the muscles suffer less fatigue and have healthier muscle tissue for longer periods of time.

The red and NIR LED’s used are within the optical window in biological tissue, selectively allowing them to pass deeply into the skin, stimulating the naturally occurring regeneration, repair, recovery and restoration processes.

Red Light Therapy is commonly used by doctors, physical therapists, and pain clinics to treat injuries, reduce pain, relax muscles/joints, and increase blood circulation. Athletes turn to red light therapy to improve performance and reduce the incidence of injury.

What is the Total Xen Experience?

The Total Xen Experience is the optimal, quick, no downtime, whole-body photobiomodulation experience, leaving you feeling soothed and restored as the regeneration and repair process takes root across your entire body.

Popular with athletes, the Total Xen Experience works at a cellular level to provide faster recovery after exercise or injury and less soreness. Each 15-minute session in the Total Xen Experience booth is relaxing and will leave you feeling completely rejuvenated.

What are the benefits of the Total Xen Experience for athletes?

Athletes and other people who are trying to reach gym goals often turn to Total Xen Experience treatments to:

  • Relieve Pain
    • Rather than turning to drugs, the Total Xen Experience treats the source of pain, relieving muscular and joint pain.
  • Improve Performance
    • The Total Xen Experience can enhance the effectiveness of workouts and help you reach goals by improving muscle performance.
  • Stay on Their Feet
    • The Total Xen Experience can redevelop muscles, relax them, and improve blood flow, helping get people get back on their feet, faster.
  • Speed Recovery Time
    • In only 15 minutes, the whole body is rejuvenated by Total Xen Experience. By relaxing and redeveloping your muscles, you could experience shorter recovery time.
  • Get Better Sleep
    • The Total Xen Experience has been shown to improve sleep quality and increase melatonin secretion during the night.

There are many reasons to want to use Red Light Therapy to help improve performance and recovery. The Total Xen Experience helps you reach new highs with gym and sport goals in just 15-minute sessions. Add the Total Xen Experience to your lifestyle. Book your sessions easily online.

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