enlighten® III For Laser Tattoo Removal: How It Works, Before and Afters, & More

19 May 2023 / Treatments
enlighten® III For Laser Tattoo Removal: How It Works, Before and Afters, & More

Removing tattoos may be a thing of mystery and you might think that you’re stuck with unwanted tattoos forever, but laser tattoo removal is the most effective way to remove ink. This is a multi-session process that operates by speeding up the natural process of your body’s immune system removing the ink particles.

Not all tattoos are easily removed though, and different tattoos will require a different approach. This is why it’s crucial to choose a laser tattoo removal provider that has quality, innovative technology that can get the job done as efficiently as possible. We’re breaking down how tattoo removal works and why enlighten® III is one of the best tattoo removal machines in the world below!

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Laser tattoo removal works by speeding up the body’s natural process of removing the ink. This process is why tattoos naturally fade and why this process is safer and more effective than any other tattoo removal alternative. The laser used in this treatment is not like a laser pointer where there is one straight line constantly focusing on a point. Instead, it is a laser that pulses light energy to penetrate the skin and be absorbed by the ink. This process is described as feeling like a rubber band snapping against your skin.

When the light is absorbed, the tattoo particles heat up and shatter into tiny fragments which the body’s immune system flushes away from the tattoo, leaving the tattoo looking lighter and faded. This process is continued over multiple sessions, with at least 6 week breaks in between, until the ink has been completely removed and no tattoo remains.

Are some tattoos harder to remove than others?

Tattoos come in a range of shapes, sizes, colours and locations, and each tattoo will take a different amount of effort to remove based on these factors and others. Some tattoos will be easier to remove, taking just a few sessions, while some may take a sizeable amount of time until the process is complete.

Nevertheless, when you go to an experienced provider like Victoria’s, they’ll have innovative technology, like enlighten® III, that can remove your tattoo, no matter the colour, size, or any other factors. For a bit of a breakdown, here’s what factors into how many sessions you may need for your tattoo removal.

The colour of the tattoo

The colour of the ink will affect how easily the tattoo can be removed. Different colours absorb and reflect different wavelengths of light at different rates. Black and grey tattoos are the easiest to remove, as they absorb all colours and all wavelengths can be removed quickly. Darker colour tattoos such as dark blue, dark brown and other dark colours are also easier to remove.

Light coloured tattoos, such as light blue, yellow and turquoise are more difficult to remove due to low absorption rates. Tattoos with multiple colours will usually take longer than single-coloured tattoos too, as the different colours will need to be removed individually.

The size of the tattoo

This one probably seems pretty obvious, the bigger the tattoo, the longer and more difficult it will be to remove the tattoo. The more ink you have on your body, the more sessions you’ll need to attend in order to remove the tattoo.

The age of the tattoo

An older tattoo will be easier to remove compared to a new one. Older tattoos have generally started fading due to your body already starting to absorb some of the ink. This makes the process of removal easier, as some of the sessions have already been completed by your body naturally. A newer tattoo will still have all its ink density, so breaking down the ink will require a bit more work and will require more sessions to remove.

The design of the tattoo

The more ink in one location, the longer the laser tattoo removal process will take. So, if you have previously tried to cover up a tattoo with another tattoo and now want both removed, or just have a design with two tattoos overlapping, more sessions will be needed. Tattoo removal lasers can only target one layer at a time, so the length of the process will usually take twice as long.

The location of the tattoo

Even where your tattoo is on your body changes how efficient and effective the laser removal process is. The closer a tattoo is to your heart, the quicker it can be removed. Blood circulation is responsible for how fast the removal process will be, because blood cells carry the ink out of your body. Tattoos on your upper body are the easiest to remove, as they are closer to your heart, and then mid body tattoos. Lower body tattoos, including hands, wrists, lower arms, feet, ankles, and lower legs are the hardest tattoos to get off. They are still able to be removed, they just may need a few extra sessions and the progress from session to session may be less noticeable compared to other parts of the body.

Why should I choose enlighten® III to remove my tattoo?

At Victoria’s, we use the enlighten® III technology to remove tattoos for our clients. enlighten® III combines three highly effective wavelengths, 532nm, 1064 nm, and 670 nm. It’s like having multiple highly effective lasers in one machine, allowing for effective removal of tattoos.

enlighten® III also uses dual pulse durations, 2 nanosecond and 660/750 picosecond to effectively remove multi-colour tattoos. This means that even if you have the tougher colours to remove, the team at Victoria’s can effectively remove the tattoo in the least amount of sessions, compared to less advanced technology.

enlighten® III is at the forefront of laser tattoo removal technology and can remove nearly all tattoos. So when you’re looking into tattoo removal providers, be sure to find one that uses this technology for quicker, more gentle, and more effective removal compared to traditional lasers.


The only safe solution to removing unwanted tattoos is through laser tattoo removal. The treatment changes based on person-to-person, so session numbers and visible results will vary. At Victoria’s, we provide the advanced enlightenTM laser tattoo removal system, which can completely remove almost all colour in any tattoo. Since we’ve been removing tattoos for over 20 years, you can also trust that you’ll receive the most efficient laser tattoo removal treatment. Book a consultation with us to find out how we can help you remove your unwanted tattoos.

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