Facial Veins: Why They Appear & How to Treat Them

28 Jul 2023 / Treatments
Facial Veins: Why They Appear & How to Treat Them

Do you notice small red or pink threads under your skin’s surface? You probably have facial veins, which are formed from broken capillaries and are often known as spider veins. Although they are not harmful, they can become bothersome if they are very noticeable or difficult to conceal.

Laser treatment is an innovative and effective way of getting rid of facial veins. Areas that can be treated include the nose and/or cheek area, temples, eye area or nasolabial fold (smile lines). Keep reading to learn more about facial veins and how laser treatment could be your solution for a more even skin tone and reduced discomfort!

What causes facial veins/broken capillaries?

When capillaries dilate or enlarge, they bulge under the skin due to the pressure of extra blood. Because they are so close to the surface of the skin, they can be noticeable. There are various causes of broken capillaries, some including:

Genetics & Heredity: unfortunately, sometimes facial veins can be genetic.

Ageing: Naturally as one ages, their skin becomes thinner and looser, making it possible for the veins underneath to push up and become more visible.

Sun exposure: Sun exposure is one of the most common causes of facial veins. Being exposed to the sun for an extensive period of time without sun protection can cause your blood vessels to enlarge and dilate. In addition, when you get sunburnt, you burn and peel a layer of skin off, meaning the vessels are close to the surface of the skin and therefore more visible.

Alcohol consumption: The consumption of alcohol can cause temporary dilated blood vessels, creating the appearance of facial veins. Constant excessive drinking can lead to broken capillaries, causing permanent facial veins. 

Rosacea & underlying health conditions: This condition leads to redness and flushing in the face, which can cause broken capillaries. Other underlying health issues that cause vomiting or sneezing can also break the blood vessels in your face.

Hormonal changes: Particularly an increase in estrogen levels can cause facial veins. Pregnant women may see an increase in spider veins due to increased weight and the resulting pressure. Other hormonal fluctuations such as during menopause, can also contribute to the development of spider veins.

Weather changes: Hot weather can cause blood vessels to dilate, causing temporary facial veins.

Injuries: Any injury from minor to major on the facial area that has caused bruising can result in more noticeable facial veins.

Weight gain: Weight gain can put pressure on the veins in the face, making them more visible.

Certain medications: Some medications, such as blood pressure medications and oral contraceptives can cause facial veins.

How does laser technology remove facial veins?

Cutera laser treatments can clear your skin of broken capillaries on the face. By exposing tissue to high-energy light pulses and controlling the frequency and intensity of the light pulse, specific tissues can be selected as targets. The high-energy light is converted into heat when it contacts the targeted tissue. Once the temperature reaches a high enough heat, the blood in the unwanted vein will coagulate and over some time, the vessel will be absorbed by your body’s immune system. The light penetrates the second layer of skin to destroy the damaged blood vessels without harming the top layer. As the treated blood vessels are heated, they disintegrate and are naturally removed by your body.

What are the benefits of facial vein treatment?

Facial vein treatment offers several benefits for both aesthetic and health purposes, which include:

Reduced discomfort: Usually facial veins can be slightly painful to the touch, through this treatment, however, the pain will be significantly reduced!

Reduced risk of health complications: Removing facial veins can also reduce health complications, such as infections.

Reduced flushing: Sometimes those with facial veins often become flushed or red n the face when exposed to heat or stress. This will be reduced with facial veins treatment.

How do I keep my skin spider-vein free after treatment?

There are several ways to help prevent the return of spider veins, including:

Weight loss: Those who are overweight could reduce facial veins through weight loss.

Avoid extreme heat: Hot weather can dilate blood vessels, making them more visible. So by avoiding it, you are also limiting the chance of facial veins.

Seek alternate medications: If you are taking medications that can cause facial veins, talk to your doctor to explore different alternatives.

Always apply sunscreen: Sun exposure can damage the walls of blood vessels, making them more likely to become visible. Protecting your skin from the sun will limit the chance of this happening.


Facial veins are a common problem for people of all ages and are completely normal and natural. For those who are looking to reduce them, Victoria’s offers the highly effective Cutera laser treatment in which high-energy light is used to clear your skin of these unwanted veins.

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