Lasers & Light: How These Treatments Target Acne

28 Jun 2024 / News
Lasers & Light: How These Treatments Target Acne

Introducing lasers and light therapy – cutting edge treatments that are providing long-term clearance for acne sufferers. These treatments delve deep into the skin, stimulating collagen production, reducing inflammation, and killing acne-causing bacteria.

Laser and light therapy offer a crucial middle ground between over-the-counter products and prescription medications. For those hesitant to dive into prescription treatments, these non-invasive procedures provide a promising alternative. With their proven efficacy and minimal side effects, lasers and light therapy represent the ideal first step towards achieving clear, radiant skin.

Read along as we introduce you to the latest acne prevention and treatment procedures offered right here at Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic in Launceston.


AviClear™ is the first and original FDA-cleared device for the treatment of mild, moderate and severe acne. In just three, 30-minute treatments, you can experience lasting clearance without significant side effects. It’s a no-prescription solution for the treatment of acne.

How does it work?

AviClear™ uses the power of laser light to selectively target and suppress sebaceous glands, eliminating acne at the root source.

Acne forms when sebum, the oily substance on your skin, combines with dead skin cells and clogs your pores. Most acne treatments target other things that cause acne, but not the production of sebum. AviClear™ specifically targets the source of the oily substance on your skin. After treatment, you will produce less oil, and your acne will get better and stay better.

Engineered with laser wavelengths for all skin types, this laser selectively targets and suppresses the sebaceous glands, eliminating acne at the source.

Victoria’s has a team of trained staff who can provide professional recommendations and a tailored treatment plan for each client. Learn more or book a consultation today at

Laser Acne Facial

The Laser Acne Facial involves the treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory acne. This facial involves a deep cleanse and gentle exfoliation followed by a special laser wavelength used directly over acne lesions. Immediately after, the client will receive a laser genesis treatment followed by a session of blue/red combination LED light therapy.

Step 1: Deep Cleanse

To rid the skin and pores or oil, dirt, makeup and sweat, which can lead to breakouts, the skin must first be cleansed.

Step 2: Gentle Exfoliation

Dead skin cells are removed, uncovering fresh skin cells with a gentle and smooth exfoliation.

Step 3: Laser Treatment

A special laser wavelength is applied directly over the lesions to help heal acne.

Step 4: Laser Genesis

This kills bacteria on and deeply under the skin, preventing further breakouts while also stimulating collagen production to heal or improve scarring.

Step 5: LED Light Therapy

This kills acne-causing bacteria and heals acne scarring using a combination of blue/red LED light therapy.

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Omnilux LED Light Therapy

Omnilux is an LED light therapy treatment that works with the body’s natural processes to clear acne-prone skin.

Omnilux Blue uses 430nm light therapy, which is a specially optimised treatment for acne. The blue LED light kills acne-causing bacteria without any side effects on the skin.

Omnilux Plus uses 830nm infrared light to penetrate deeper into the skin to stimulate collagen, making it useful in healing scarring caused by acne.

At Victoria’s, we’ll work up a custom LED light treatment plan for you that combines the most effective light colour and wavelengths to treat your acne.

All LED light treatments are done in our phototherapy lounge, which features Spa Vision Lounges, so you’re extra comfortable during your sessions.

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Begin your journey to acne-free skin

If you’re seeking a more effective solution to stubborn acne, Victoria’s offers a range of advanced treatments tailored to your needs. AviClear™, the Laser Acne Facial and Omnilux treatments each provide targeted, effective results.

These treatments work by addressing acne at its core, reducing inflammation, and promoting healthier skin. Before considering prescription medications, explore these innovative options that offer a powerful, non-invasive alternative.

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